All About Lips and Eyes

Premier Eye Treatment $60

Specifically for the delicate eye area (skin is much thinner) we focus on smoothing out lines with resurfacing of your choice. Using multiple different modalities to 1.)Increase circulation for dark circles 2.)Product penetration (blended ampoules according to individual needs): Lines, wrinkles, and reduction of dark circles; you’ll be amazed at the immediate results and more impressed over the next 48 hrs.

Lip Liner Permanent Makeup $399:

Permanent makeup lip liner essentially enhances the beauty of the natural lip liner color, improving the shape of the lips and gives definition and fullness. Touchup included.

Lip Treatment $45:

This treatment is designed to target smoother, fuller, and more hydrated lips. Includes resurfacing (focusing on the outer lines & creases around lips), O2 Hyaluronic Infusion (to plump lips); with optional Lip Peptide homecare product for an additional $20.

Lip Treatment Homecare Product Only $20:

This is a peptide-rich lip product for everyday maintenance to keep lips hydrated and minimize lines (both corrective & prevention).

Powder Brows Combo Microblade $450:

Semi-permanent pigment placed is MRI-safe and hypoallergenic. This includes a 6 weeks touchup and take-home brow product. This service is performed by our Permanent Makeup Artist. Hundreds of semi-permanent tiny dots are placed on top of the epidermis for a fuller powder brow appearance along with hair strokes being microbladed on the brow to complete the look of a completed brow. Combo a popular look as it’s the best of both worlds! A combination of both hair like shading.

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