Cosmetic Procedures for Your Skin

Cosmetic Procedures for Your Skin - Merritt Island FL

Nowadays, there are numerous cosmetic procedures available to choose from which can help you improve the appearance and feel of your skin. Some women perm lashes or get a brow lift lamination service while others get permanent makeup on their brows, lips, eyeliner or get a scar camouflage.  But they all help change your appearance for the better.

Many of the treatments have minimal downtime, but their cost and effectiveness is worth it because of the results achieved. All these treatments share one thing which is that they are in high demand.

This article is going to chronicle a few of the cosmetic procedures you might find interesting!

  1. Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Permanent makeup is simply a semi-permanent cosmetic that allows you to wakeup with the appearance of ready to go makeup. Its recommended that you do annual touch-ups to keep your treatment looking fresh.  

Brow lamination/tint, lashlift/tint, or semi-permanent face foundation are popular add ons to complete your makeover.

How does permanent makeup work?

Permanent makeup is sometimes referred to as micro-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. It is applied to the skin with an iron oxide pen to give the appearance of OTC makeup.

A tattoo can be used to mimic lipstick or eyeliner, or it can be used to darken and give the appearance of bigger brows. It can also conceal scars, stretchmarks and even out an irregular hairline.

Types of Permanent Makeup

  • Microblading

Microblading is a possible solution for people with thin brows wishing for a semi-permanent fill. This is a great option for people with alopecia or before starting chemo

Some brows can be made to look beautiful with little effort, while others require a tiny miracle just to get by. Even though naturally flawless brows are rare, eyebrow microblading allows any brow to be transformed with natural looking hairstrokes.

Cosmetic Procedures for Your Skin - Merritt Island FL

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing process that fills in sparse brow areas to give them a fuller appearance. You can get almost any appearance using this procedure, from a natural light finish to a stunningly bold brow.

Microblading’s coloring can last up to two years, unlike a regular tattoo, which is permanent. This is due to various instruments and a lower amount of pigment in microblading.

An experienced permanent makeup artist uses a microblade instrument to apply color pigments that resemble genuine hairs.

Not only do microblading results seem incredibly natural, but they also don’t require any daily maintenance, so say goodbye to your daily brow routine.

Combo Powder Brows

Semi-permanent pigment placed into skin by machine or blade is MRI safe and hypoallergenic. This includes a 6 weeks touchup and take home brow product. This service is performed by our Permanent Makeup Artist. Hundreds of semi-permanent tiny dots are placed on top of the epidermis for a fuller powder brow appearance along with hair strokes being microbladed on the brow to complete the look of a completed brow. Combo a popular look as its the best of both worlds! A combination of both hair like strokes and shading. Brows will begin with strokes in the inner part and smoothly transition into a more filled in, shaded tail.

Scar or Stretchmark Camouflage

Reduce appearance of Scars or Stretchmarks is included in this 60 minute service. Additional charges will apply if session goes over 60 minutes. Needling and Semi-permanent pigment placed in skin by machine. Pigment is MRI safe and hypoallergenic. This includes a 6 week touchup. This service is performed by our Permanent Makeup Artist.

  • Lash Lift

No matter how much mascara you use, your lashes sometimes need a boost from time to time. Although lash extensions and false lashes are always a possibility, they take a lot more effort. A lashlift/tint is a low-maintenance procedure is essentially a perm for your natural lashes which lifts, curls & makes your lash darker which can last up to six weeks.

A lash lift curls your lashes from base to tip, allowing you to see the entire length of your lashes. As all lashes have a natural shape, this procedure uses a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution to change that curve.

Your technician will choose a curling rod size appropriate for your lashes. The eye area will next be cleansed, and a silicone rod will be placed on the eyelids. To set the lashes, the natural lashes are curled around and adhered to the rod with an adhesive. Once rods are in place, a lifting lotion is applied to help the lashes mold around the rod. After that, a setting lotion is required to help the lash keep their shape.This method allows the shape and style to be maintained for approximately, but it does depend on your eyelash growth.

  • Semi-permanent Foundation

This is an effective and well-liked service that may help you improve your complexion and even your skin tone. It’s also the simplest and safest technique to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne scars, freckles, and other skin texture issues. Coating your skin with a natural-looking foundation to correct the color and pigmentation while also providing the hues and shine you require to make your skin glow. It is a micro-needling procedure involving a semi-permanent pigment into the skin. The technique can conceal imperfections and increase the creation of natural collagen in the skin, improving the texture and look of your skin over time.

Cosmetic Procedures for Your Skin - Merritt Island FL

This treatment infuses nutrient-rich serums into the top layer of your skin during the treatment. The serum aids in increasing your skin’s pigment concentration and improving its overall coverage. The benefits are practically immediate, and you’ll notice a big difference in the color and texture of your skin to boost your appearance, improve your confidence, and make your skin look perfect without having to wear foundation every day. It’s a semi-permanent procedure that promotes collagen formation in your skin to help you improve your skin’s health and appearance.

  1. Brow Lift/Lamination

Your skin starts displaying the first signs of aging on the brows and forehead. A brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) is a procedure that lifts your brows and improves the appearance of your upper eye by reducing the wrinkles and frown lines on your forehead.

A brow lift can improve the skin’s appearance for people of any age who have wrinkles or frown lines either due to genetics such as a low, heavy brow or furrowed lines above the nose, or as a result of stress or muscle activity over time. Excess skin on the top eyelids can also be reduced with a brow lift.

The procedure generally consists of applying a product that breaks the bond, then shaping the brows. After that, the stylist applies a neutralizer to stop the bond breakage, and then a conditioner to keep the brows in a long-lasting and well-made shape.

  • Tattoo Removal (Non-Laser)

There are a few non-laser tattoo removal procedures. They include:

  • Dermabrasion tattoo removal

Dermabrasion is a method to remove tattoos that involve the controlled removal of the outer layer of the skin with a machine.

  • Chemical peel tattoo removal

Tattoos can also be removed with trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels. TCA is a weak acid that is used to remove the outer layers of the skin, as well as the tattoo ink, from the skin.


Both the patient and the physician/technician must think thoroughly while deciding on the optimal procedure. The patient must have realistic expectations for the outcome.

Choose someone you can trust to undertake any cosmetic procedures on your face (or on any part of your body).

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