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Are Facials Neccessary?

Skin Analysis & Consultation $50
Consults are included in all services provided by Premier. However, if you’d like to meet a Specialist with Experience, Not Just Knowledge; we’ll do an in-depth skin analysis, discuss any concerns and overall goals, and write out a professional treatment plan you may take with you. ZERO obligation to purchase product or service. You’ll have a program and recommendations to obtain serious results that can be performed at home, in our Premier spa, or any place of your choice.

Premier Eye Treatment (Reg $75)
(Add to any Facial or Treatment for only $55)
Specifically for reduction of dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles. Using several modalities to increase circulation to stop puffiness & dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles (fully customized according to individual needs). You’ll be amazed at the immediate results and more impressed over the next 48 hrs.

LumiEnzyme Treatment $75
Perfect way to gently exfoliate the top layer of dead skin for deeper product penetration, hydration and an instant luminous glow. Great for when you’re feeling dehydrated, oily, and have congested pores (blackheads). Perfect for immediate results; smoother texture and brightening your skin. Even very sensitive skin will benefit from this maintenance treatment. *This is a Treatment only, not a full facial with extractions.

Basic Rejuvenating Facial $75
Excellent to rejuvenate and treat individual concerns such as skin congestion and lack of radiance. We start with a deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions (as needed) followed by a custom-blended mask according to individual needs. Shoulder massage for total relaxation and stress reduction. Perfect service for beginners, maintenance between a series of treatments and great for all skin types.

Custom Deluxe Facial Facial $95
Includes an Enzymatic or Chemical exfoliation, custom blend of serums and ampoules, and a high-performance customized mask. Preventative & correction; ideal for monthly maintenance for optimal skin health. Perfectly balanced for real results and total relaxation. May address concerns such as Anti-aging, congested skin or uneven skin tone.

Luminous Premier Facial $115
Top-of-the-line facial fully customized facial to achieve optimal results addressing your specific goals: smaller-looking pores, smooth out lines and wrinkles, brightening glow for uneven skin tone. Instant results balanced with total relaxation. Includes deep cleansing, extractions (as needed), custom blend of serums, a high-performance mask (all according to individual needs) Perfect for people wanting to achieve specific goals, without giving up total relaxation.

Premier Eye Treatment + Luminous Premier Facial $170
Combination of Premier Eye Treatment (using the newest technology treating dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles). Combined with the Custom Premier Facial which is a top-of-the-line customized facial.

Dermafile (Alternative to Microdermabrasion $125
This is the perfect treatment to reap all of the benefits of Microdermabrasion, best suited for sensitive skin, Rosacea, or Couperose. Achieve smooth texture, acne scars reduction and treat uneven skin tone without the possibility of damaging your skin or capillaries. We gently resurface the top layers of skin for better product absorption, tighter skin, and smaller-looking pores.

DP4 Microneedling Treatment $275
Effective customized treatment for Acne scars, Skin tightening & Dark spot reduction; satisfaction guaranteed! To eliminate discomfort, numbing cream is applied. DP4 is a device like no other, creating little channels in the skin to penetrate Medical-grade Ampoules deep into the skin. Perfect solution for a variety of skin conditions with instant, more permanent results with very little downtime. (“MG-COLLECTION” & “EXO-SKIN” now available at Premier)

Oxygen Power Facial $165
We’ve designed the ultimate treatment that’ll transform your skin. This Treatment combines several modalities using the latest technology available to accomplish off-the-charts luminous glow and more permanent change for flawless skin. (Options for exfoliation/resurfacing, LED-Red, Blue, Green available, O2 Therapy)

Intimate Whitening Treatment *Single Treatment $115
*Series of 3 SAVE $48 = $99 per treatment:
Intimate whitening will lighten and even out your skin tone in your most intimate areas. Typically, around 3-4 treatments are recommended for optimal results; however, some only need a single treatment (according to individual needs). It does not involve any pain, discomfort or irritation.

Premier Relaxation Back Treatment $90
This treatment targets the most neglected part of the body, the back. We exfoliate the top layers of dead skin, use hot towels for product removal & relaxation, and combine everything with a Swedish or Deep Tissue back massage.

Premier Refining Back Treatment $145
This highly effective treatment for treating congested pores (blackheads), Acne, and dark spots left behind. Targets the most neglected part of men’s body, the back. Regulates excess sebum production, soothes inflammation, and helps eliminate bacteria to promote skin clarity. Treatment can be customized for special occasions.

Teen Facial $75
Teen years can be so awkward to begin with. Adding breakouts can make it unbearable. This is a specifically custom facial for teens, no matter the skin type. We keep it focused on overall goals, including: deep cleansing, acne, smoothing texture or decreasing the look of large pores. Premier keeps the environment relaxed and comfortable as this may be new for many teens.

A woman’s skin is her crowning glory. It takes years to maintain that beautiful, youthful look and even longer to get it back if you mess up. But are facials necessary? Here I’ll give my opinion on the subject.

Are Facials Good For The Skin?

So every day for 20 years I answer question after question and one of the biggest is are facials really necessary. Are they good for your skin? And absolutely. Whether it is corrective and you’re trying to get rid of sun damage or fine lines and wrinkles, whatever, corrective facials. 

Absolutely. If you just mean maintenance, maintaining or prevention, that’s a big one. So starting early is always best. The sooner you start, the more prevention that you can do and the later you’ll age, the smaller the pore size.

And I say that because getting regular facials, you get extractions typically and most facials, you need to have a consultation and skin analysis, some recommendations. Your esthetician needs the hear out your goals and what bothers you the most. And like mine would be fine lines and wrinkles. And as I aged getting more dehydrated, dry skin. But overall extractions will help to get off the blackheads, which, when you don’t exfoliate out properly, mixes with a little bit of oil and the contents will oxidize over time because it’s exposed to air.

And when it turns black it’s a blackhead and by removing those on a regular basis, it prevents them from filling up your pores from getting larger and larger. And as we all know, it’s very hard, very difficult to tighten skin. Same with your pore size. So getting regular facials, getting regular deep cleansing or regular maintenance is very important. So I would say, yes, are facials necessary. Are they good for your skin? Absolutely. I highly recommend getting facials regularly.

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