Are Facials Neccessary?

A woman’s skin is her crowning glory. It takes years to maintain that beautiful, youthful look and even longer to get it back if you mess up. But are facials necessary? Here I’ll give my opinion on the subject.

Are Facials Good For The Skin?

So every day for 20 years I answer question after question and one of the biggest is are facials really necessary. Are they good for your skin? And absolutely. Whether it is corrective and you’re trying to get rid of sun damage or fine lines and wrinkles, whatever, corrective facials. 

Absolutely. If you just mean maintenance, maintaining or prevention, that’s a big one. So starting early is always best. The sooner you start, the more prevention that you can do and the later you’ll age, the smaller the pore size.

And I say that because getting regular facials, you get extractions typically and most facials, you need to have a consultation and skin analysis, some recommendations. Your esthetician needs the hear out your goals and what bothers you the most. And like mine would be fine lines and wrinkles. And as I aged getting more dehydrated, dry skin. But overall extractions will help to get off the blackheads, which, when you don’t exfoliate out properly, mixes with a little bit of oil and the contents will oxidize over time because it’s exposed to air.

And when it turns black it’s a blackhead and by removing those on a regular basis, it prevents them from filling up your pores from getting larger and larger. And as we all know, it’s very hard, very difficult to tighten skin. Same with your pore size. So getting regular facials, getting regular deep cleansing or regular maintenance is very important. So I would say, yes, are facials necessary. Are they good for your skin? Absolutely. I highly recommend getting facials regularly.

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