Reduce uneven skin tone from the environment and everyday exposure to the sun.

MicroNeedling for even skin tone: $275
MicroNeedling creates little channels in your skin to penetrate a custom blend of Drmaceuticals, with only pure ingredients created specifically to even out skin tone, reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation. This treatment is performed using the newest device available designed with the latest technology available; Dermapen 4. Only needing to penetrate at a superficial level we still offer numbing cream to avoid any discomfort, #1 products to achieve desired goals and overall rejuvenation of your skin.

Stem Cell + Glutathione Ampoule $55
*Single ampoule: may add to any facial or homecare for increased, more permanent results. Suggested treatments: incorporate into any facial, Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, or MicroNeedling Treatment for reduction of dark spots and uneven skin tone.

This is a concentrated Stem Cell (800,000ppm), Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic (Sodium Hyaluronate – pure form of Hyaluronic).

Vitamin C Enzyme Treatment $75
Great for dark spots, uneven skin tone, & hyperpigmentation: Vitamin C Enzyme (Fruit enzymes eat away dead skin cells) smooth out texture and allow for better product penetration. While a customized Vitamin C based mask brightens the skin, lighten dark spots, and uneven skin tone; you’ll slip away into total relaxation with a Swedish or Deep Tissue shoulder massage.

Lightening Lift Treatment $85
Includes a Kojic & Lactic blend to decrease dark spots. We mix a custom blend of ampoules, according to skin type, that penetrate deep into the skin; you’ll leave with a luminous glow. Then a customized Vitamin C based mask tightens and brightens; all while you relax with a Swedish or Deep Tissue shoulder massage. You leave looking and feeling your best.

Jessner Peel $150
A Jessner Peel helps to reduce sun damage, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. After application your skin begins to feel tight, dry, and may seem slightly darker. Typically your skin begins to peel away the damaged dead skin over the next few days. Total recovery time is usually 1 week (amount of peeling will vary depending how many layers of Jessner applied).

Luminous Brightening Facial $90
This facial is tailored specifically to brighten and tighten your skin, leaving your skin balanced and hydrated. This includes deep pore cleansing, a custom blend of serums, and a brightening mask leaving you flawless and glowing with tighter looking pores.

Lightening Facial $110
This is a customized facial that’s balanced with total relaxation and real results. It’s the perfect treatment along with a full customized facial for uneven skin tone; leaving you with a luminous glow. This facial is customized with a Kojic & Lactic blend to even out dark spots from excessive pigmentation; melasma, sun damage, and general hyperpigmentation.

Glutathione Oxygen Infusion $135
Pain-free way to reduce & remove dark spots due to sun exposure and other environmental factors with no down-time or redness. Oxygen Treatment balances the skin while penetrating blended ampoules deep into the skin. Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic (Sodium Hyaluronate – pure form of Hyaluronic) to brighten & tighten, and even out hyperpigmentation while hydrating for instant results.

Dermafile Treatment + Lightening Lift $175
Dermafile (similar to Microdermabrasion) to resurface the top layer of dead skin for deeper product penetration, to reduce dark spots & uneven skin tone. Great for smooth skin texture, tighter skin and smaller looking pores. All combined with the Lightening Lift to decrease uneven pigmentation for more permanent changes. With a high performance mask you’ll immerse into total relaxation with a Swedish or Deep Tissue shoulder massage; you leave feeling relaxed with a luminous glow.

Microdermabrasion + Glutathione Oxygen Infusion $175
Perfect to smooth the texture of your skin, hydrate, and see immediate glowing results. Microdermabrasion to remove the top layers of dead skin. Then purified Oxygen is used to balance the skin and penetrate a blend of lightening ampoules and Hyaluronic (Sodium Hyaluronate, most pure form of Hyaluronic) deep into the skin to improve uneven skin tone and the overall health of your skin.

Hyperpigmentation Spa Day $205
perfect for treating unwanted dark spots and sun damage. Premier has created a way to balance total relaxation with immediate results. Once you arrive, we’ll do an in-depth skin analysis and consultation to find out your overall goals while you sip on a glass of wine or spa water. Then just sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest. You’ll leave with luminous glowing skin, smooth texture, and smaller looking pore size. There’s no downtime, with redness or peeling.

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