DP4 – Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling

DP4 - Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling - Merritt Island FL

Maintaining younger, fresher, and sparkling skin throughout life is the greatest dream of every individual. Even so, unfortunately, scars, wrinkles, loose skin, and large pores keep chasing everyone like a terrible nightmare.

DP4 - Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling - Merritt Island FL

And of course, the effects of other beauty treatments like beauty creams and facials are so temporary. Hence, what do you think could be the best solution in this faded situation?

Should we sit quietly by keeping one hand over another to wait for the fairy’s arrival with a magical wand? Or should we rush for reliable treatments to cope up with aging signs?

The wise answer is to go for an appropriate latest treatment- yeah, micro-needling treatment, indeed.

Wondering to know what micro-needling is? How does it work? If yes, go through this article as we have given detailed information about Micro-Needling and its revolutionary device – DP4, which perfectly fights Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Wrinkles, and Dark spots.

Let’s explore more about micro-needling and DP4!

What is DP4 micro-needling?

DP4 is a fractional micro-needling device that gives a simple and straightforward treatment. It uses the penetration of micro-needles into the skin tissues to revitalize blood circulation towards skin tissues.

The blood is a rich source of healthy nutrients, and also, right after creating channels into the skin, it starts a wound healing process that provides tighten and lifted skin, smaller pores, and smooth texture as a result.

DP4 - Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling - Merritt Island FL

Furthermore, it accelerates the production of natural collagen and promotes scarless healing. It’s a unique kind of Micro-needling pen that rejuvenates the skin by delivering up to 2,900 micro-channels per second.

It’s an effective Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) as it generates new healthy skin cells to replace aged or damaged ones by collagen stimulation.

Why is DP4 Preferable?

DP4 is not only better than other skin treatments like a laser; it’s also better among other micro-needling devices as it fully follows the medical instructions for Collagen Induction.

DP4 - Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling - Merritt Island FL

There are two significant aspects of DP4 that distinguishes it from other similar treatments:

  1. DP4 outstretches numerous difficult-to-get-around areas of the face, like nooks of the eyes, lips, and nose, making it better than other pens.
  2. Contrary to other similar products, this Medical-Grade DP4 has less downtime and little after-effects. It uses a unique vibrating stamp-like needle penetration that never damages the tissues.

Micro-Needling Benefits – unceasing and multi-folds

DP4 is a micro-needling pen that offers an efficient and effective treatment to make your skin younger, firmer, and smoother.

  • Minimizing enlarged pores
  • Stimulates and Generates Collagen
  • Skin tightening
  • Improves blood supply
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Works as anti-aging
  • Acne scar removal
  • Treating alopecia (hair loss problem)
  • Removes Dark spots, Surgical scars, and Trauma scars

Different sizes Micro-needling assure different outcomes, and for a better understanding, here’s a table that explains the needle sizes and their benefits.

Needle Length0.1-0.3mm0.5mm0.7mm1.0mm1.5mm2.0mm2.5mm
Increase penetration of active product ingredients into the skin
Stimulates Hair Growth  ✓
Fine Wrinkles
Deep Wrinkles
Loose skin
Acne Scars
Stretch marks

DP4 Micro-Needling – Done in Four Distinctive Steps

DP4 is a micro-needling pen that consists of ultra-fine sterile, stainless steel needles with a range of sizes & numbers (according to individual needs). It’s a multi-functional device offering numerous available techniques, using the latest technology, that produce significant results with less pain than other devices. To avoid any discomfort, a professional numbing cream is used for more aggressive treatments without feeling increased pain.

Dermarollers – which tend to create tiny abrasions when rolled onto the skin; not seeing the damage done for years to come. DP4 uses vertical and direct penetration, without underlying side effects, creating channels into the skin without harm allowing a custom blend of high-performance ampoules to penetrate deep into the skin.

Before starting, a Numbing cream is applied to minimize the sensation, felling only tiny vibrations.  The penetration caused by this unique spring-loaded needle tip are like micro-wounds that start forming collagen as they heal; resulting in an increase in collagen production, smooth skin, reduction of acne scars, and introduction of custom blended ampoules to reduce dark spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.

DP4 - Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling - Merritt Island FL

Following are four precise yet fruitful steps of DP4 Micro-needling working:

Stage 1: Cleansing

The first and foremost step is deep cleansing the skin to remove dust, dead cells, and dirt. This deep cleansing will assist the needle in penetrating the skin for better treatment.

Stage 2: Treatment

After cleansing, micro-needling is performed using professional techniques and special patterns. This professional micro-needling technique helps the skin to be plump and thicken, reducing the appearance of dark circles, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.

Stage 3: Masking

The third step is about masking the freshly-treated skin for instant support. The cold mask will inhibit the inflammation and redness you might feel as an after-effect of the treatment. An ice stick is applied over the mask to tighten the channels and skin locking in effective ingredients for long-term results.

Stage 4: Skin Moisturizing

The fourth and final stage of this DP4 treatment is skin moisturizing. Hydrated skin will tend to reap the process’s maximum benefit.

Micro-Needling Before and After

DP4 micro-needling treatment revitalizes the skin, and despite all advantages, there are minimal side effects. Patients may experience flaking (in places Micro-needling is aggressively administered), minor redness, but typically pink for 24-48 hours.

Even if any after-effects happen, they are mild and natural because these changes disappear within a few days or sometimes even less.


  • Don’t apply make-up for at least 24hours after treatment.
  • Wait for a day after treatment, then use oil-free make up for some days.
  • It is better to avoid strenuous cardio exercises, sauna sessions, and steam for 48 hours before and after the treatment.

Why Experts?

We need to be careful when we’re up to something that’s interacting with our skin tissues. Any miss-handling can lead to problematic conditions rather than benefits. Needling at home, especially rollers, is not recommended at home.

Needles vary in size from 0.1mm to 2.5mm, and only the experts can decide which needle is suitable for a specific skin type.

Also, Micro-needling is performed in a specific pattern (according to individual goals) preventing damage that can happen when performing on your own.

Furthermore, the usually-available derma-rollers are wide in shape and cannot reach challenging areas of the face, whereas the DP4 at your expert’s clinic can reach all these areas without scrapes and unwanted wounds.

Final Words: The glowing skin is always in; it is relatively easy to attain but tough to maintain. Therefore, you need to undergo appropriate care and treatments to get your desired beauty.

DP4 micro-needling treatment is a practical, unparalleled, and painless treatment to get healthy, sparkling, and rejuvenate skin. It heals the skin with minimal after-effects and the lowest downtime. It’s an excellent deal for glowing skin!

Characteristics of DP4 Needle Tips
Needle MaterialSurgical Grade Stainless Steel
Needle ShapeRound
Needle Number12
Needle Length 0.1-2.5mm
Needle Gauge33
Air Pressure Release DesignNo
Needle SterilizationGamma Ray Radiation

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